Limerick on the 2030

Construction will begin on a major new development in the heart of Limerick this morning.limerick2030_logo_web_standard_-_transparent_background
The Gardens building aims to provide 750 jobs once it is completed.

The project is part of the Limerick 2030 programme driving investment and jobs in the region.

Laura Ryan from Limerick City and County Council says they hope it will help rejuvenate the mid-west.
“It’s really a catalyst for a new era of growth for Limerick as this is part of a wider programme to transform Limerick into a dynamic living and working city capable of competing with some of the best destinations in Europe,” she said.
“Limerick really is rejuvenated, it’s attracting a lot of international attention and now we’ll be able to offer what FDI [foreign direct investment] and business investors are mostly looking for.

Punch consulting added, “As the Civil & Structural Engineer PUNCH is proud to see construction begin for the Gardens International Office Development in Limerick.”

Keep up the good work Limerick!!