Limerick 2030 musings on news of new Shopping Centre

While many Limerick City-centre businesses (and obviously the Chamber of Commerce by association) are unhappy about the overruling of their planning permission objection to the multi-million injection into our city, we are not of the same opinion.

An alternative to blocking Limerick’s forward trajectory, would be for city-centre businesses to take a more holistic view of the bigger picture, in terms of their business strategy.

For example, being located in the city-centre does not ‘entitle’ any business to get more trade/footfall, by default. It takes more than an attitude of ‘we’re in the city centre so you shop here’ to entice customers to buy their products and services.

The businesses need to incentivise people to come into the city centre for reasons other than their location (or indeed any other external factors) to enhance their business. The reason people should come to your place of business should be because you are offering something better than the others.

A better product. A better service. Something to make a customer choose you, because you are better, because you are worthy of receiving our money in return for your goods; not because you are ‘near’.

Aspire to make your business better than the rest. Then customers will come to your whether you’re in the city-centre… or not.

Original article from the Irish Examiner here.