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Construction will begin on a major new development in the heart of Limerick this morning.limerick2030_logo_web_standard_-_transparent_background
The Gardens building aims to provide 750 jobs once it is completed.

The project is part of the Limerick 2030 programme driving investment and jobs in the region.

Laura Ryan from Limerick City and County Council says they hope it will help rejuvenate the mid-west.
“It’s really a catalyst for a new era of growth for Limerick as this is part of a wider programme to transform Limerick into a dynamic living and working city capable of competing with some of the best destinations in Europe,” she said.
“Limerick really is rejuvenated, it’s attracting a lot of international attention and now we’ll be able to offer what FDI [foreign direct investment] and business investors are mostly looking for.

Punch consulting added, “As the Civil & Structural Engineer PUNCH is proud to see construction begin for the Gardens International Office Development in Limerick.”

Keep up the good work Limerick!!

Limerick 2030 musings on news of new Shopping Centre

While many Limerick City-centre businesses (and obviously the Chamber of Commerce by association) are unhappy about the overruling of their planning permission objection to the multi-million injection into our city, we are not of the same opinion.

An alternative to blocking Limerick’s forward trajectory, would be for city-centre businesses to take a more holistic view of the bigger picture, in terms of their business strategy.

For example, being located in the city-centre does not ‘entitle’ any business to get more trade/footfall, by default. It takes more than an attitude of ‘we’re in the city centre so you shop here’ to entice customers to buy their products and services.

The businesses need to incentivise people to come into the city centre for reasons other than their location (or indeed any other external factors) to enhance their business. The reason people should come to your place of business should be because you are offering something better than the others.

A better product. A better service. Something to make a customer choose you, because you are better, because you are worthy of receiving our money in return for your goods; not because you are ‘near’.

Aspire to make your business better than the rest. Then customers will come to your whether you’re in the city-centre… or not.

Original article from the Irish Examiner here.

Google asks “Why is Limerick so Rough?” Limerick Responds #LetLimerickChoose #Limerick2030

Why is Limerick so Rough?

No. We say instead, “Why is Limerick so AWESOME.”

We’ll let you in on something strange that happened here today, so that you’ll know what this story is all about.

One of our researchers had some spare time on their hands and decided to go onto Google and do a search in relation to Limerick. We started our research by entering the words “Why is Limerick” into the Google Search box… and then Boom. Google get’s all nasty on us.

Without asking us anything further and without any hesitation, Google’s Auto-Complete immediately auto-suggested “Why is Limerick so rough” (amongst some other unsavoury things, as you can see below). All this before we could finish typing in our question!

Limerick2030 Rough

Now, that got us around to thinking.

Is this what people are really searching for? Is this what people see on Google when asking about Limerick? Do we look like this to the ‘outside world’ from Google’s point of view?

You see, we love our City and want others to love Her also, but it’s hard to change the impression people have when even Google is on our case. As it turns out, there is something we can do. It takes approximately 5 seconds.

We have devised a cunning plan of epic proportions, to make Google change the suggestions that pop-up when somebody is doing a search. Here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Open the Google Search box
  2. Type in “Why is Limerick so AWESOME” (as per the pic. below) and then hit enter.
  3. If you’re one those people who are riding the tidal wave of apathy that’s often out there in relation to Limerick 2030 (and any Limerick based projects in general) we’ve made it so that you only need to click a single link to make all this happen Let Limerick Choose.

Why is Limerick so AWESOME

You see, if more than a hundred people or so do this, it will cause a change in Google’s Auto-Complete algorithm. To cut a long story short, it will mean that when people type “Why is Limerick…” into Google, they will no longer see the bad stuff popping up first and they will start seeing the good stuff popping up instead.

Limerick has the power to choose what other people will see in Google.

Editor’s Note#1: We got so hooked on this ‘auto-complete’ thing, that we decided to do one for every county, not just Limerick. The results are below. Some are normal and some are just… well, see for yourself.

We Typed this into Google: Google Auto-Completed this : Editor’s Note #2
Why is Antrim why is antrim called the saffron county It is?
Why is Armagh why is armagh the orchard county  
Why is Carlow No Result Anybody using Google in Carlow?
Why is Cavan No Result Google did suggest : “why is Cavani so cheap”. Maybe both Cavan and Cavani are cheap?
Why is Clare why is clare the banner county  
Why is Cork why is cork known as the rebel county  
Why is Donegal why is donegal not in northern ireland  
Why is Down No Result Google did suggest : “Downton Abbey”. Not a surprise. Everybody hearts Downton…
Why is Dublin why is dublin called dublin Deep.
Why is Fermanagh why is fermanagh sparsely populated  
Why is Galway why is galway the city of the tribes  
Why is Kerry why is kerry called the kingdom  
Why is Kildare why is kildare marathon cancelled What? Nobody told us!
Why is Kilkenny why is kilkenny a city Indeed. Some gobbeldy-gook about a Cathedral we believe.
Why is Laois why is laois called the queens county  
Why is Leitrim No results Enough said.
Why is Limerick why is limerick so rough All counties can be rough. We’re trying to change that perception, as you know.
Why is Derry why is derry sometimes called londonderry  
Why is Longford No results  
Why is Louth No results  
Why is Mayo why is mayo bad for you This being the Mayo that we put on our sarnies, as opposed to the Mayo we all know and love. We’re confused now?
Why is Meath why is meath called the royal county  
Why is Monaghan why is monaghan called the farney county  
Why is Offaly why is offaly called the faithful county  
Why is Roscommon No results  
Why is Sligo No results  
Why is Tipperary why is tipperary called the premier county  
Why is Tyrone why is tyrone a black name No racism here. A quick dive into the Google search results show it’s the first_name = “Tyrone” that Google is talking about. Not County = “Tyrone”. Phew.
Why is Waterford why is waterford called the deise  
Why is Westmeath why is westmeath a county This is up for debate we guess.
Why is Wexford why is wexford called the model county  
Why is Wicklow why is wicklow called the garden of ireland  

Let Limerick Choose.

Is Mise le Meas,

Patricia Sarsfield

#LetLimerickChoose #Limerick2030

An Open Letter from Richie Ryan, to the Chairman of The Limerick City of Culture 2014 #TheRealLimerickCityOfCulture

6 January 2014

Dear Mr. Chairman,

I would like to offer my expertise and experience to the Limerick City of Culture Board as interim Artistic Director on a voluntary / Pro Bono basis until the newly configured Board of Directors appoint a suitable Artistic Director through due diligence. This is being offered to get the programme back on track and to reassure the artistic community continuity as a matter of urgency.

If the Limerick City of Culture Board accept my offer the first thing I will do is organise a massive all inclusive Limerick Creative SHOWCASE for late January to take place in the City centre, inclusive of all the artistic disciplines within the city, to reclaim the rightful honour that is National City of Culture 2014.

The Second thing I will do will be to invite previous City of Culture programmers Maeve McGrath and Joe Mangan to re-join the team for the sake of clarity and continuity in the programming.

The third thing I will do is to commit fully to get on with the job at hand, which is to consolidate and confirm the immediate programme of events and build trust in the community around ‘city of culture’.

I am confident that I have the full support of all the Local Arts Practitioners, professional and voluntary and the citizens of Limerick to do the job to the best of my ability with their assistance and commitment.

This would only be an interim solution giving the newly configured Board the necessary time and space to appoint a suitable replacement Artistic Director in due course.

Richie Ryan.

You can leave a comment below in the big white box, at your leisure.
Is mise le meas,



Listen to the Emergency Meeting re. the City of Culture 2014 here. (from 3rd Jan 2013)

For those who could not attend, click on the big speaker icon below to listen to the ‘audio’ from tonight’s meeting in the Clarion Hotel in Limerick.










Big shout out to Eireleaks for getting the original audio.

Have a Good New Year Limerick.

Is Mise le Meas,
Limerick 2030 Team (not)