About Us


What exactly is Limerick 2030?

While the Official governing bodies for Limerick have the ultimate responsibility for the Limerick 2030 development plans, we feel that Limerick 2030 is about you, the people of Limerick City and County. It’s about you taking part in the creation of Limerick’s History, as opposed to you watching it happen.

There will be many developments happening in our city over the coming months and years. It’s possible that these developments will happen without you knowing about them and we want to avoid that. We want you to have a voice.

We believe that we are part of a city that is real and living; something we can be proud of. We may not live forever but out City and our legacy will live on. Let’s be a part of Limerick’s History. Now.

That’s all very well, so what next?

It’s simple- Ask questions. Get informed. Don’t let somebody else plan your City’s future.

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